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9. Cross game with pressure

Divide the players in two teams, each team have a goalkeeper

- The goalkeeper starts with the ball, he pass the ball to the two players in the box o the side
- The players on the side play 2v1 against the defender
- If they move on the defender they can give a cross on the two middle players who are becoming strikers
- If the lose the ball the defender pass the ball towards the middle player of his team and he has a free shot on the goal

The players on from the side will go the the half space, the players from the half space will go into the middle and the middle players will go to the side.

Offside starts from the middle line

Switch the attacking and defending team after 5 minutes
- Play the 2v1 and give a pass trough
- Make space forward

- Don't be in the same line
- Cross each other to confuse the defender

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