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New soccer coaching drills
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Heading game in 2 teams
- We create two teams of 6 players
- 3 players of team 1 at cone A with a ball in their hands, 3 players without ball at cone C
- 2 players of team 2 (with ball) at cone D, 3 players without a ball at cone B an 1 player of team 2 start as a goalkeeper
- Team 1 starts: the player at cone A throws the ball to player C and that player tries to score with a header. When team 1 scores, they score a points and can throw again
- When there is no goal, the player who missed becomes the new goalkeeper and the other team immediately can start by trying to score with a header.
- And so the game continues until one of the teams reaches 10 goals.
- The person who just throwed the ball always gets in line to head and the other player gets the ball and gets in the queue for throwing.




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