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New soccer coaching drills
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Tournament 3 against 3 combined with 1 against 1
- 1 against 1 in an area of 10 by 20 meters with two small goals
- There is a team on both sides, by which every players takes turns to play 1 against 1 so that everybody gets a turn
- On both long sides of the field there is a coach and a player with balls
- The first ball will be played by the coach to one of the sides, so that a player becomes a forward and the other a defender
- We continue up until a goal is scored (which is 1 point) or until 45 second have elapsed. When a ball goes out of bounds, a new one should immediate put into play. Both players will have to switch right away and the one who has the ball first has the right to attack.

game intention
They learn how to switch fast and to play under tired circumstances with making the right decisions, so that they turn out to be winners

- The points are calculated at the end (per team)
- With tie nobody gets any points
- When this is also the case at the end, penalty kick will be taken to decide upon a winner

Improving the winners mentality and wanting to win every duel

Learning phase


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