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New soccer coaching drills
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1 vs. 1
- 4 teams of 5 players
- 2 small goals positioned on each side of the center circle in between the penalty box and the center circle (approximately length of the field: 50m)
- Width of field approximately: 25
- Team 1 (purple) and 2 (yellow) are positioned on the right side of their respective goals
- Player 1 from team 1 starts by running to the half way line and finishes on goal
- After the shot, player 2 starts his dribble and plays 1v1 against player 1 and tries to finish on goal (with goalkeeper)
- After the shot, next player from team 1 starts his dribble and plays 1v1 player from team 2 and tries to finish on goal (with goalkeeper), etc.
- Players from teams 3 (blue) and 4 dribble (red) around the field with a ball waiting for their turn
- After all players from teams 1 and 2 have played, teams 3 and 4 play and teams 1 and 2 dribble around the field

To improve 1 vs. 1 skills

Learning phase


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