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New soccer coaching drills
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Duel 1 against 1 with passive resistance (1)
- A passes the ball to B
- B dribbles a couple of meters backwards and does the Cruyff move, he then passes the ball to D. C will provide passive resistance
- D dribbles and beats E by means of a fake
- E provides passive resistance
- A becomes B, B becomes C, C becomes D, D becomes E and E becomes A
- Executes from both sides with 2 feet

- B's opponent is located to the side and left of him, so his move will be with his right foot and behind his standing leg (away from the opponent)
- E's opponent is located in front of him

- B can take the ball behind is standing leg with his right foot, cutting move with his right foot, cutting move left foot (inside), etc.
- D can use the scissor move, drag the ball, step over the ball, inside foot cutting move, etc.

Improving the 1 against 1 with resistance from an opponent

Learning phase


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