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New soccer coaching drills
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2 versus 2 after starting with high ball
- We make two teams of 6 players who take place in 2 rows of 3 players on the opposite part of the field
- Player 1 of team 1 has the ball in his hands
- He plays a high ball with a volley to player 1 of team 2.
- Of both teams player 2 enters the field too and we play 2 versus 2, where both teams can score in both goals
- When a goal is scored, the keeper has the ball or when the ball goes out of the field, the next players can start (players 3 and 4)
- We have to wait until all players have left the field
- The players return to their starting position where they take place in the other queue
- We play for 3 minutes, then we switch sides and the other team starts with the pass
- Which teams scores the most goals?



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