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Defending crosses from the left and right side
* 4 defenders against 2 attackers and
a midfielder who also serves the
approaching midfielder on the right
or left flank

* A dribbles towards B, when he is at
a 5 meter distance he passes to B
and immediately pressures him
* B will have the opportunity to beat
A, by means of a dribble or give and
go with C
* Afterwards B will move towards the
goal line to receives a pass from C
* By means of a cross from the flank B
will try to include the crossing
forwards in the play
* C must also include himself in the
play by supporting the forward from
the back
* After the attack is finished the
same combination will be played from
the other side
* The 4 man line defense must react
situation oriented, they may, for
example, try to intercept the give
and go and the back pass
* Many variations are possible with
the basis of this exercise

Improve wing attack and improve defending crosses from the left and right side

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