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New soccer coaching drills
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- Four players in pairs in a 8m x 8m squad.
- A passes to C and at the same time B passes to D
- A and B then change places, C and D stay in position, so that C returns the ball to B and D to A.
- the player at point x always stops the ball with his right and returns with his right, at point Y always uses his left.
- 4/5 minutes, then players switch roles.

- The players have a tendency to play a sloppy pass because they are already on the turn as they play the ball and so have the wrong body shape - the pass must be executed with total concentration before the player moves.
- Players are receiving the ball on the move so must keep their heads up to watch the ball arriving.
- When playing the diagonal ball the players have to think about the timing of the pass.

Improve passing



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