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New soccer coaching drills
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About us
At the age of 21, in 1996, I started a website for soccer coaches in Dutch. In 1997 I added an English version to that website, called SoccerCoaching.Net. In those early days of the internet the forum on the site was the most popular coaching forum on the net.

Since then, a lot have changed.

This website was the origin of the magazine SoccerCoachingInternational, which unfortunately was cancelled in August 2013. After several talks this site has now access to the archives of that magazine and we are back where and why it all started: sharing the knowledge of the game we all love.

So, in August 2014, we have launched this 'new' website. As we say in Holland: 'The circle is round'.

I hope you enjoy your stay on the site.

Yours in soccer,

Paul van Veen